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The future of a Nation

The Future of a Nation is a hidden study to analyse what questions really matters in the Spanish society.

Since the finance crisis from 2008, there are in Spain daily news on the media regarding to this problematic and presenting the economic crisis of the country as the main worry.

But is this the main worry of people?

This Installation-Study proves that people worries goes beyond the financial crisis of the country to more individual focus thematic such as familiar conflicts, healthy problems, worries for family and friend and of course, love as one of the main concerns.

Spain is one of the most superstitious countries in Europe and the country where lots of people believe in luck- this you can see in the Christmas Lottery and lucky charms hanging on walls of apartments and shops-.

The Future of a Nation Installation received a lot of visitors, lots of people wanted to play Tarot in order to see their future and some came also several times during the period that the exhibition took part. 

This study shows how far politics in Spain are from the real worries of people.

The Future of a Nation is an invitation to play Tarot Cards in order to reflect about your present and think about your future. It presents a video tutorial that shows how to play Tarot Cards and the Cards.

The first thing to do is to think about a question you want to reflect.

A question that really matters to you.

You must write down -anonymous- this question on a paper and put it inside the Box. Then you can take the Tarot cards and play them to see your future.



Video Tutorial See your own future, DVD PAL, 10 min.

Tarot Cards drawings

Installation, div objects and light ball.

Ballot Box




FORTUNA POPULI, Solo Show Show room Teatro Zorrilla, Valladolid, Spain  2014

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