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Neverest, I´ve never been to Everest, 2012

Intervention of the theme “New York, New York” from Frank Sinatra in Karaoke version.

Video DVD

Drawings serie, 50 x 40 cm

Photography/ Portrait printed on Foto paper 30 x 40cm

Letter from Michael Thomson 

Der Einsame Sieg, Peter Habeler, National Geographic. Signed book from Peter Habeler/ Autobiographie from his experience in Mount Everest.

Drawings serie mixed technic on paper 30 x 30cm




^ ^^^ Exhibitions room Teatro Calderón, Valladolid, 2012

oT. Salzamt, Linz, AT, 2013

30 Mal 30 Galerie Merkle, Stuttgart 2013

Concrete Jungle, Galerie Merkle, Stuttgart 2014

Since I remember I know that Mount Everest exists.

My thoughts have no image.

How does Mount Everest look like?

I think about it in a familiar and nostalgic way.


I’ve never been to Mount Everest.


Neverest, I´ve never been to Everest is an artistic collection of drawings copied from images found in internet, an intervention in a video Karaoke and other objects remaining Mount Everest that are presented in an ironic way to show the paradox that means to think and feel to know a place where you have never been to.

Remaining the obsession the character Roy Neary shows in Spielbergs Movie Close encounters of the third Kind, I observed during months images from Mount Everest.

The more I observed, the less real seemed to be to me. Everest, like Neverland became a fantastic place called Neverest. Mount Everest is a brand itself, a name without a concrete image. It also means: the biggest Mountain on Earth, an icon on human superation, a place where people died and an example on how colonial mentality goes beyond territory in its expansion to fame and glory.


I wrote some people who where there to tell me about their feelings and perception of the place in order to be able to imagine it. I got an answer of a person who was in Mount Everest. His experience was terribly hard so he tried to imagine himself at home to survive. I compared another icon, this tie from the "biggest" City- or at least one of the famous cities in the world- like New York. In both places the expectations of glory are astonishingly high, as the human effort to survive.


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