Neverest, I´ve never been to Everest, 2012

Intervention video of the theme “New York, New York” from Frank Sinatra

in Karaoke version.

Drawings serie and Photography/ Portrait printed on Foto paper 

Letter from Michael Thomson 

Der Einsame Sieg, Peter Habeler, National Geographic. Signed book from Peter Habeler/ Autobiographie from his experience in Mount Everest.



^ ^^^ Exhibitions room Teatro Calderón, Valladolid, 2012

oT. Salzamt, Linz, AT, 2013

30 Mal 30 Galerie Merkle, Stuttgart 2013

Concrete Jungle, Galerie Merkle, Stuttgart 2014

Patricia Sandonis art, Kunst Berlin, arte, Zeichnung, Drawing, dibujo, Everest, Salzamt

Neverest, I´ve never been to Everest is an artistic collection of drawings copied from images found in internet, an intervention in a video Karaoke and other objects remaining Mount Everest that shows the iconic, monumental and overwhelming peculiarity of the idea of this mountain.

I was struck by that male obsession with cataloging everything that can be measured as the biggest, the greatest, the highest, the monstrously most monumental.

The largest mountain. Mount Everest.

I observed during months images from Mount Everest.

The more I observed, the less real seemed to be to me. Everest, like Neverland became to me a fantastic place called Neverest. I thought Mount Everest as a brand itself, a name without a concrete image. For some people means not just the biggest Mountain on Earth but the human overcoming where to become Zarathustra, a place where people died and an example on how other ways of colonialism goes beyond territory in its expansion to fame and glory.


Climbers who where at Mount Everest told me about their feelings and perception of the place. Their experiences were terribly hard so they had to imagine themselves at home to mentally survive.

This experiences sound familiar to me. In other most biggest, most greatest, monstrously monumental places such as New York, a human effort is needed to survive.


Since I remember I know that Mount Everest exists.

My thoughts have no image.

How does Mount Everest look like?

I think about it in a familiar and nostalgic way.


I’ve never been to Mount Everest.

Photo by Iguacel Asín