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Berlin Contest: the Best Landscape Painting in Team from a public art collection

Berlin Contest: the Best Landscape Painting from a public art collection is a imaginary contest between landscape elements from landscapes paintings of the collection of two museums in Berlin: The Alte National Galerie and the Gemälde Galerie.


The decision criteria includes the evaluation process of different landscape’s elements witch are organised in the following categories: sky, mountain, forest, meadow, lake, lagoon, hayfield, tree, plant, stone, land and flower.

The result are two collages pictures of the selected landscape’s elements that represent the ideal Landscape from each collection.

This work propose to imagine a work in team between the painters from the chosen landscape´s elements, that are showed in both lists.

The teams are formed by painters like Monet, Caspar David Friedrich and Sandro Botticelli.

Many of them lived in different places and epochs, so they never met.


The time limitation of an artistic work once is finished is reflected through this project as well as the disappearance, evolution and adaptation of contexts through the time.

Which are the grouping and selection of art pieces criteria in a museum?

and what is the relation with the artists?

This work is also a reflexion to the beginning of my education as an artist in a classic academical context, where painting was perceived in a contemplative way and where I assisted to classes that where called "Landscape painting".

The recognition of artists though their landscapes paintings is still alive in a not specialised society and practised every year in the so called "landscapes contest open air".

Oil on canvas 112 x 140 cm and list of participants 

Alte National Gallery/ Gemälde Gallery Berlin

Berlin, DE 2012




^ ^^^ Exhibitions room Teatro Calderón, Valladolid, Spain, 2012

Creadores Inquietos, Las Francesas Show Room, Valladolid, Spain, 2015


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