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An Added Value

The concept of Culture-Nature has taken a very strong position in the collective imaginarium of people in the west cultures in the past years. The association with concepts such as yearning, healthy, clean and purity has been defined in publicity for years and used in the tourism industry.

This associations are a positive quality, an added value, that publicity uses for the benefit of the product they present.

An Added Value is a long and meticulous process of collection and archive investigation of landscape´s images that were used in the publicity industry in the past years and that I began in 2009. 

This images used in publicity show the constructed idea of pure landscape. Through them, we can experiment feelings such as yearning, cleanliness, purity, health and welfare that help to relate the product that it has to be sold with those feelings or concepts. The constructed idea of landscape and the feelings they transport, are an added value.

On the other hand the intromission of products such toilet paper, electronic devices or high hills in this kind of landscape that pretend to provide the idea of pure landscape is absurd and nonsense.

I present An Added Value in form of 100 processed photographies where the product to sell has been erased. This images are printed in form of Postcards. Postcards that shows impossible places and that can never been send.

Collection of 100 postcards/ Colour Print 

Berlin, DE 2009-11




^ ^^^ Exhibitions room Teatro Calderón, Valladolid, Spain, 2012

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